The Cardboard Computer

DiY cut-out templates

If you have trouble printing from your browser, you can download these templates as PDF in A4 or US letter paper size. To save paper and toner, skip these instructions and print out just the pages with the cut-out templates you need.

Scissors cutting out the outer wheel of a circular slide rule from paper.
Cut out the templates. It is a good idea to glue the wheels onto a cardboard backing.
All paper components of the circular slide rule cut out.
All the parts cut out (you don't need usually need both inner wheels).
Clear plastic from packaging, with the paper cursor template set on top.
Stiff plastic packaging is a good source for a cursor.
The paper cursor template taped onto a piece of plastic.
Tape the paper template to the plastic and cut around it.
The cut-out plastic cursor with a ruler down its middle and a fine-tip Sharpie beside it.
Use a fine marker and ruler to draw the hairline down the middle of the cursor.
The cut-out advanced inner wheel on top of the outer wheel, aligned.
It is important to align the wheels precisely. Check that the numbers line up all the way around.
Basic version assembled (using a thumbtack in a corkboard as the pivot).
Advanced version assembled.

Outer wheel template

Basic inner-wheel template

Advanced inner-wheel template

Cursor template (optional)